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Department of International Operations

The Department of InternationalOperations was developed ten (10) years ago by the sum of efforts of professionals, both internal and external collaborators (experts in different fields approved by our Department of Compliance), in order to offer services for the structuring of the personal and/or professional life of our clients who are seeking opportunities in different continents.


Throughout the years, we were able to implement our structure in the United States of America, and to consolidate out partnerships in countries in South America, Europe and Asia.

Your success doesn't have to be restricted to the borders of your home country!

As we know, the globalized world demands us to be attentive to new life and business opportunities. Such opportunities, however, must be seized safely, following the due planning process needed to achieve the desired goal.

How we serve

TheDepartment of International Operations, therefore, will assist and accompany the client in their search for an international objective, whether in life (in immigration and emigration) or in business (in the internationalization of their business, in the creation or acquisition in another segment or even in the evaluation of the acquisition of a franchise).

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